Friday, August 5, 2022


I've heard of this happening but never saw it for myself. I have a couple of NES games that came from a rental store where someone super glued the screws in place so nobody would swap out the game. Sounds fine by those days but now I need to see the board to verify it's a real game and not a bootleg or repro. I hope this Goof Off works. Buy my game + cereal book Buy RIGGS Edition 1up Cards! Grab your RIGGS edition Fixture S1 for Nintendo Switch Buy me a beer on Patreon Join my LIVE auctions on Whatnot and get $10 for new sign-ups Book a Cameo Buying a Quest 2 at any time? Use referral link when activating so we both get $30 in-store credit - Supported by VR Covers for all your VR needs Website (linktree): Twitch: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Discord: Most of my videos are filmed with a Canon M50 - MAILING ADDRESS John Riggs 4010 Summitview Ave Yakima, WA 98908 Assume all links are affiliate links.

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