Seven years have passed since the "Death Bomb" space station was destroyed and the EXECUTOR died. The empire, which had suffered great losses during the critics' battle, had to retreat to the outer systems.

Meanwhile, the victorious rebels have built a new republic of the Internet of Things that more and more people are joining. But transforming the anarchically organized rebel movement into a civilian regime is no easy task. The newly formed government consists of a provisional council, whose members often become involved in political quarrels.

While many people are busy consolidating the inner cohesion of the new republic and attracting more people to their side, they have no idea what new danger threatens from the outside. Under the leadership of the last surviving Grand Admiral of the EXECUTOR, Prawn, the imperial fleet has regrouped and is preparing an attack to regain the initiative against the rebellion. This will build new BATTLEFRONTS ...

Story Start: Battlefronts on the Rise

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